Why you should start watching anime?

Why you should start watching the anime? anime meaning. There are alot of reasons for watching animes in this blog we will be covering all the reasons why you should start to watch the anime from today ! And where to watch the anime and which anime to watch all you will need to know about anime ,must read.

Benefits of watching anime

  • You Learn about japanese culture
  • You learn about japanese food
  • You learn about the relationships
  • Another person’s perspective
  • You Learn life lessons
  • Makes you a good person
  • Great entertainment option for the lockdown
  • You learn about the hard work, patience
  • Gives motivation
  • Shows the ugly side of humans
  • You learn about the team work
  • Learn about the friendship

There is alot more , you learn alot from anime .

What is anime ?

Anime is hand drawn or computer drawn animation that is made in japan the animation is much more realistic then the other animation styles anime is amazing ❤️


The first thing why you should watch the anime is animation , why animation? Because it’s so beautiful just google anime and you will see alot of beautifully made anime backgrounds carecters and the actions , there drawings are just amazing we highly recommended our Best Romance anime to watch blog because it covers the beautiful Anime you should binge watch right now .

Beautiful Scene from the your name anime
The beauty of the anime


We can’t forget about the intense action while talking about the anime , anime have one of the best action sequences, you will see in the best romance, drama , comedy , action in the anime even Hollywood will fail I know it’s not fair comparison but ya in anime there are alot more better fighting scenes read our Top 5 best anime to watch we mentioned one of the best Anime’s of all time some of them are also specialise in intense action like attack on titan it’s the best anime out there in 2021 in action , must watch

The Music

The music not only openings and endings but over all music, if you ask me which anime has the best anime openings actually there are alot personally my personal favourites are

  • Again (Fmab)
  • Guren no yumiya (aot)
  • Shoukei to shikabane no michi
  • Shinzou wo sasageyo (aot)
  • Jiyu no tsubasa (aot)
  • Yuugure no tori (aot)
  • Red swan (aot)

Can’t mention all listen to my Playlist on Spotify it has the mixed version not only anime music but all kinds of music I am sorry but you will easyly find the anime openings

Now about the Music not openings but the music in the sequences specially in the action sequences the music goes wild and it’s kind of fun the music is really really great watch any anime it will have good music but I will recommend attack on titan, Must watch .


now the story time the story in the anime is the key point about the anime because it’s the most important part of any movie/ show so for example, you lie in April, is a anime based on music just on music with some romantic angle and twists (no spoilers) and in the end kind of sad but who could have imagined you can make a high pace anime show just about the music

Life lessons and culture

When you watch the anime you just not entertain your self but also learn stuff like when you are watching the Naruto you will learn how to be determined for what you want , it gives you the motivation like never give up not just Naruto but almost all of the shonen Animes

And you learn about the culture to be more specific about the Japanese culture if you don’t care about Japanese culture it’s ok I don’t to but still there is alot to learn in the anime.

Great entertainment

The best way to entertain you is the anime there are alot of comedy anime you can watch, there are romantic anime there are shonen anime there are sad anime happy anime alot of the animes , if you don’t have the time to watch anime I am not gonna let you go read our blog about Best short anime to watch must read.

Where to watch the anime?

There are alot of platforms out there to watch anime on
Here are some of out top


  • Amazon prime videosNetflix
  • Crunchy roll
  • Funimation (not available in all countries)

There are more of them but we can’t mention them here some of them are illigal like (kiss anime , gogo anime …..etc) you can watch anime on these platforms

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