where to watch jojo’s bizarre adventure for free legally

where to watch JoJo’s bizarre adventure for free legally? You are on the right place today In this blog I will be mentioning the best platforms where you can watch JoJo’s bizarre adventure for free legally not just one platform but 3 platforms where you can watch JoJo’s bizarre adventure for free All the platforms I mentioned here are totally legal so you won’t be doing piricy and read the whole blog because in the end of the blog I did a little comparison about which platform will be best to watch the JoJo’s bizarre adventure if you like this blog make sure to share it with your friends (^^)

Jojo’s Bizarre adventure

Netflix official JoJo's bizarre adventure trailer
JoJo’s bizarre adventure official trailer

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a good adventure , horror,Action,drama, fiction and mystery anime. Animated by David production Inc. The anime was released in 2012 You can watch JoJo’s bizarre adventure in English and Japanese audio with subtitles and it has 4 parts and 77 episodes.

The characters are awesome muscular and powerful the fight scenes are intense in every Arc the you will see the descendent of the joester family there is no anime as the JoJo’s bizarre adventure it’s not just influenced by the Japanese culture but it’s influenced by international pop culture in every part of jojo’s you will see new culture new country the anime keeps evolving with the time it also takes inspiration from the popular tv shows and trends and gives a lot of references and when  the anime ends the music that is played in outro generates curiosity inside you and it’s kind of funny too. It’s a really popular anime. People make a lot of memes on it .


Crunchyroll is the best platform if you are looking for the most popular dub or sub anime shows to watch legally. crunchyroll was released in 2010 By Ellation LLC It’s available for android and ios. It has a nice and cool looking interface with a great anime collection to choose for free with ads. If you don’t want to watch the ads then you can always buy the CrunchyRoll premium starting from 690 rupees you will not see any ads and also can download anime from crunchyroll.

Muse Asia (YouTube)

Muse Asia is a youtube channel owned by muse communication it’s a legal and free YouTube channel to watch anime online specially if you live in can watch anime in Japanese audio with english subtitles Muse Asia has licensed some of the most popular anime like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer so I think we will soon be seeing them legally in india. Muse Asia uploads new episodes every day and they are expanding and adding new anime Titles to their youtube channel muse Asia is currently streaming the first part of jojo’s Bizarre adventure – Phantom Blood and we will be seeing more new parts and season of JoJo’s bizarre adventure on muse asia soon.

Part 1 : the Phantom Blood

A mask hiding so many mysteries inside it disappears in 19th century A rich gentleman named George joestar traveling with his wife and son but a accident happens there carriage Overturns a thief named Brando tries to steal all there valuable things as he was stealing his valuables George wakes up the thief fools him he tells George that he is here to rescue him he owes him after several years passed Brando has a son named dio, joestar adopts his son dio is so strong seems to know something about the mysterious mask’s powers and wants to eliminate George and his son but his son jojo suspects him and does everything to save the once he loves  .


Netflix is a really popular app Available for android and ios devices. It has the most popular anime like FMAB and Death note. If you are an Otaku and want to binge watch good quality anime, Netflix Is best for you. It has most of the anime dubbed in English not just that but Netflix has its own exclusive Netflix Original anime series available in HD The app is so cool and easy to can buy Netflix for 1 month in just 199 rupees per month with no ads and free downloads.

Which is the best platform for JoJo’s bizarre adventure?

Muse asia

muse asia is a good way to watch JoJo’s bizarre adventure for free best thing about muse Asia is that it’s a youtube channel and it uses YouTube video player that is optimised really well and you can watch JoJo’s bizarre adventure in 1080p but it only has the episodes in Japanese audio with english subtitles Muse Asia is now streaming the first part of jojo’s Bizarre adventure phantom blood muse Asia streams new episodes daily


CrunchyRoll is a good platform to watch anime for free you can watch the anime series in Japanese audio with english subtitles it has the the season one and season 2 and also JoJo’s bizarre adventure stardust – battle in Egypt the crunchyroll also has a good interface and user experience you can enjoy JoJo’s bizarre adventure on Crunchyroll


Netflix i know that netflix is a paid platform but to be honest it’s the best it has all the seasons like Phantom Blood, battle tendency, stardust crusaders , diamond is unbreakable and golden wind the good thing about netflix is that all the JoJo’s Bizarre adventure seasons are dubbed in English . Netflix has officially released JoJo’s bizarre adventure stone ocean trailer which is the latest Season of JoJo’s Bizarre adventure stone ocean season will be released on Netflix on December 2021 muse asia and Crunchyroll are good but Crunchyroll only has JoJo’s bizarre adventure season 1 and season 2 and muse asia just started streaming now so it only has one or 2 Episodes if you don’t wanna pay to watch on Netflix then you can stream JoJo’s bizarre adventure on muse asia but you will have to wait for new episodes because they stream one episode in one day but still all are the best chooses anyone you want.

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