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What are slime games and are they safe for children

What are slime games and are they safe for children

Slime toys are considered a playful activity enjoyed by many children. Despite the fun of playing with slime, many mothers wonder about the potential harm it may cause to their children. They question whether it is made from safe materials, if it contains dangerous chemicals, and if there are safer alternatives available. In the following paragraphs, we will provide detailed answers to these questions.

What are slime toys?

Slime toys are one of the activities that many children engage in. They are a type of clay-like material that is easy to mold. However, this type of slime is different from traditional clay in terms of its pleasant scent and various colors. It doesn’t stick to the skin when children play with it, which is one of its important features.

Harm caused by playing with slime

ما هي المضار التي يتسبب فيها اللعب بالسلايم؟

According to a scientific magazine, the chemical composition of slime can pose some risks to children’s health. These risks include the following:

  1. Some children, especially those under the age of six, may put the slime in their mouths, which can cause harm. Symptoms such as vomiting and severe stomach pain may occur because the slime’s composition includes cleaning powders.
  2. Contact with the eyes can lead to inflammation of the eye’s membranes.
  3. Slime can have adverse effects on the child’s respiratory system due to its strong odor, particularly for children with allergies or sensitivities.
  4. The composition of slime can cause skin irritation, itching, and severe redness, especially for individuals with sensitive or damaged skin, due to the presence of cleaning powders and glue.
  5. The chlorine content in slime poses a risk to a child’s overall health and can lead to poisoning if ingested.

Is it possible to make slime at home?

عمل السلايم في المنزل

Indeed, slime toys have become popular as a means of entertainment for many children. However, it is possible to replace ready-made slime, which contains unsafe chemical compositions, with homemade slime. The following method can be used:

  1. Homemade slime can be made using simple household ingredients that do not pose a risk to a child’s health.
  2. One method involves using shampoo, adding a small amount of salt, and combining them with a type of shaving cream in equal proportions.
  3. The mixture is then stirred in a container for about five minutes until it reaches a good consistency, similar to ready-made slime. It can then be used as a safe alternative to chemical slime.

Studies on the harm caused by slime to children

دراسات عن الضرر الذي يسببه السلايم للأطفال

Several studies and scientific publications have been conducted on a sample of children who use slime toys, representing different nationalities. These studies have discovered cases of poisoning caused by slime. The main reason behind this is the presence of highly toxic pesticides in the slime’s composition, as well as the inclusion of boric acid, which poses various health risks when mixed with glue.

Therefore, these studies conclude that the use of slime by children is not safe and can lead to various harms when it comes into contact with the eyes, skin (especially damaged skin), or when ingested. Doctors recommend strict supervision when children play with slime, and it is advisable for children to wear plastic gloves and masks to ensure their safety and avoid harm to their health.

Moreover, many doctors advise replacing chemical slime with homemade alternatives using the simple method mentioned above. This is because ready-made slime poses significant risks to children’s health, including the potential for poisoning.

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