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Ways to buy used industrial machines at a cheap price

Ways to buy used industrial machines at a cheap price

Recently, there has been an increased interest among traders and various project owners in finding ways to purchase used industrial machines at affordable prices. This surge in interest is particularly attributed to the rise in the dollar exchange rate against other currencies, such as the Egyptian pound, leading to a significant increase in production costs. As a result, many traders are turning to the used machinery market to acquire high-quality machines at lower prices, comparable to new ones. So, how can you find such used industrial machines and production lines? Read on to find out.

1- Online E-commerce Stores

There are several online e-commerce stores that facilitate buying and selling of industrial machines. If you are looking for small-scale industrial machines like printing, cutting, and sewing machines, popular platforms like eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon are good options to explore. These well-known marketplaces offer a variety of used machines at reasonable prices and with relative ease. However, if you are looking for larger industrial machines, like full production lines or plastic bag manufacturing machines, you might not find them on these platforms. In such cases, you need to carefully consider the type of machine you need and its country of origin, as such machines are often not manufactured in Arab countries, unfortunately.

To find used industrial machines on e-commerce stores, follow these steps:

  • Use a popular search engine like Google with the specific country of production, for example, Italy.
  • Look for companies specializing in selling used machines in that country, as they are more likely to have a wider selection due to their proximity to the manufacturing facilities.
  • You will find many websites offering used machines at very affordable prices. Be cautious of suspicious websites and always verify the credibility of the sellers.

One notable website for buying and selling used industrial machines is “Machinio,” which offers a wide range of options for users seeking used machinery.

2- Importing Used Machines

Importing used machines is an effective strategy employed by businessmen to acquire machines that may not be available in their home countries. If you choose to import the machines yourself, you can travel to the country of origin, such as China, and search for the best regions selling used industrial machines. Once you find the desired machines, you can arrange for shipping and customs clearance back to your country. However, this method might come with various challenges and potential obstacles, which is why you might want to consider seeking the assistance of specialized importing companies to avoid potential losses.

Many companies in Egypt and other Arab countries have offices in different countries, and they can help you with the search process for your desired machines. They will also handle cost calculations, shipping, and customs clearance on your behalf, for a commission. They will present you with various purchase options, and you can choose the one that suits you best before making the final purchase.

3- Closed Factories

One of the best ways to find used industrial machines at very affordable prices is to look for brokers specializing in selling used machinery in industrial areas known for their manufacturing activities, such as October and the Tenth of Ramadan cities in Egypt. These brokers often deal with reselling machines from factories that are closing down or upgrading their machinery. By connecting with them, they can introduce you to several sellers who have the machines you are looking for, based on your requirements, for a commission from both the buyer and the seller.

4- Auctions

Auctions are a common and accessible method to purchase various used products, including industrial machines, electronics, cars, and more, at lower prices. Online auctions have become increasingly popular and widely available. You can check if there are any local auctions available in your country. If there aren’t, don’t worry; there are plenty of safe online auction platforms where you can purchase used industrial machines with credibility.

Notable online auction platforms for used industrial machines include Surplex, NetBid, Wotol, Exapro, and Machineseeker.

5- OLX Website

Despite its decreasing popularity in recent years, OLX still provides a remarkable performance in finding sellers of used industrial machines at affordable prices. Suppose you were unable to find a broker for used industrial machines in the example mentioned earlier. In that case, OLX can be an excellent alternative to connect you directly with sellers of used industrial machines. Moreover, it allows you to search for machines from private sellers as well.

In conclusion, with the variety of options available today, finding used industrial machines at affordable prices is feasible. Each method has its advantages and limitations, so you need to determine the most suitable approach based on your specific requirements and preferences. Always remember to verify the credibility of the sellers and take necessary precautions when making transactions online.

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