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Types of house paints

Types of house paints

There are many types of home paints, and because interior paint is considered the primary designer of the home’s appearance from the inside, expressing its elegance and attractiveness, many people search for the types of paints and their best options to choose the most suitable one. The choice of paint is equally important as choosing the color, and we will discuss these types in detail.

Types of Home Paints

Home paints have many types, and in the following lines, we will highlight the best types of home paints, including:

1- Water-Based Paints

الدهانات المائية

This type of home paint is one of the most prominent and best types. It is primarily water-based and easy to use. However, if the walls were previously painted with another product and you want to paint them with water-based paints, you may face difficulty in adhering the water-based paint to the previous material. Therefore, before using water-based paint, you will need to peel the surface first using fine or medium sandpaper to maintain the layer of water-based paint. One example is the Acrylic Emulsion Paint, which is water-based but relies mainly on acrylic, resulting in a smooth and attractive finish. This type of paint is popular due to its moderate price and ease of use, and homeowners can wash the walls without worrying about the paint peeling. It also has a significant drying capability.

2- Oil-Based Paints

الدهانات الزيتية

Oil-based paints can be used on all surfaces and emit strong fumes. Oil-based paints have many advantages, including:

  • They provide a glossy appearance, giving the walls an attractive look.
  • They are suitable for high-moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The finish achieved through oil-based paints is durable and solid.
  • Walls finished with oil-based paint can be washed as they do not absorb water like other paints.

3- Satin Paint

 دهان الساتان

This type of paint gives a light and smooth glossy appearance to the walls, but it is not suitable for walls with many flaws. If you want to achieve exceptional walls using satin paint, the walls must be free of impurities and defects.

4- Matte Paints

أنواع الدهانات المط

This paint does not contain any gloss and is one of the most common types. Many people prefer their homes to have a simple look with subtle touches and dislike a glossy appearance. Applying matte paints on walls usually requires more than one coat, but the good thing about this type of paint is that it is easy to use and apply on walls, and it does not take much time. In the end, you will have solid walls with a fantastic appearance. Matte paints have the following features:

  • They have the least sheen among paint types.
  • They have a wonderful velvet texture.
  • They hide any flaws on walls and ceilings.
  • They have a high color depth.

5- White Paints

These paints are perfectly suitable for covering all wall defects. This type of paint is also known as eggshell paint and is characterized by its subtle sheen and high coverage. In most cases, walls do not need more than one coat, which is why many people prefer it and consider it economical with a decent appearance. Some advantages of white paints include:

  • They have excellent reflectivity.
  • They can be used in challenging environments, especially bathrooms and kitchens, as they are easy to clean.

Types of Home Decorative Paints

1- Marco Polo Paints

أنواع دهانات ماركو بولو

These paints are mainly used for interior home decoration, as they are designed specifically for this purpose. They are decorative paints that allow you to create a metallic appearance with just one coat. This type of paint helps create a decorative layer with a subtle and stunning metallic appearance, and it is characterized by a high degree of shading. Additionally, it can create three-dimensional effects on both wallpaper and stones. It dries quickly.

2- Pearl Paint

This type of paint gives the walls a shiny and attractive appearance. It is one of the best-used paints, and this paint can be applied over any other base color to produce a desired final color. Some advantages of pearl paints include:

  • They can be applied on mixed base color layers.
  • They can be applied using a sprayer, making them easy to use.
  • They can be easily cleaned.
  • They offer a unique range of colors, including copper, red, silver, turquoise, Nile pearl, gold, orange pearl, green pearl, and magenta pearl.

3- Wallpaper

أنواع الدهانات المنزلية للديكور

Wallpaper is an alternative to home paints in providing walls with a different and elegant decoration. Wallpaper is sold in rolls and is installed on the wall using a special adhesive. There are many wallpaper options, including classic and modern designs. Wallpaper is primarily used to hide surface and wall flaws, as it covers them without any visible defects.

In conclusion, we have reached the end of today’s article, where we discussed the types of home paints in detail. We also explained the advantages and disadvantages of each type so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing the suitable type for your needs. We hope you found this article enjoyable.

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