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types of Barilla pasta

types of Barilla pasta

Barilla is an Italian food company specialized in the production of various types of pasta. It was founded in 1877 by Italian entrepreneur Pietro Barilla as a bakery in Parma, Italy. Over time, it expanded to become an international group that offers its products in over 100 countries worldwide. The company also owns several restaurants where fresh Barilla pasta varieties are served to customers. While this type of product may not be well-known in the Arab world, it is strongly present among the distinctive goods in major commercial markets.

Types of Barilla Pasta

What sets Barilla products apart, especially in the pasta category, is their diversity. There are more than 40 types of Barilla pasta, varying in shape, size, and characteristics, making it difficult for some people to determine the best type for them. Therefore, we will mention the best types of Barilla pasta:

  1. Barilla Long Pasta (Spaghetti)

It is a long, thin pasta resembling noodles, commonly used to create delicious spaghetti dishes. Barilla offers several varieties under this type, each differing in shape, size, and ingredients, such as:

  • Bio Spaghetti: The well-known spaghetti, and there are multiple varieties based on the pasta density, indicated by the letter “n” followed by a designated number.
  • Angel Hair (Capellini): Also known as capellini, it is a type of pasta used with light sauces and seafood.
  • Fettuccine: Flat pasta ribbons.
  • Tagliatelle: Thin egg pasta ribbons.
  • Linguine: Similar to fettuccine but narrower and thinner.
  • Gluten-Free Spaghetti.
  • Red Lentil Spaghetti: Made from red lentils, gluten-free, and rich in plant-based protein.
  • Whole Wheat Spaghetti: Made from 100% whole wheat.
  1. Barilla Short Pasta (Pasta)

This refers to short pasta used to make dishes like rigatoni, penne, and béchamel. There are also various varieties under this type that differ in shape, size, and characteristics, such as:

  • Bio Penne: Regular penne pasta.
  • Bio Fusilli: Short spiral-shaped pasta.
  • Casarecce: Thin, twisted, short pasta.
  • Elbow Pasta: Tubular twisted pasta.
  • Conchiglie Rigate: Shell-shaped pasta.
  • Farfalle: Butterfly-shaped pasta.
  • Gluten-Free Pasta.
  • Barilla Tricolor Pasta.
  1. Barilla Soup Pasta

This type of pasta is preferred for making soups, as it possesses certain characteristics that give a distinctive taste. Some types include:

  • Fellini Vermicelli: Short, thin strips of pasta, ideal for soup.
  • Ditaloni Rigati: Tubular pasta with a smooth, sturdy structure, perfect for soups.
  1. Baked Pasta

This type of Barilla pasta comes in the form of sheets and is usually used in making lasagna dishes. It varies in size and thickness, indicated on the package.

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