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Transparent polyester resin: its uses and how to obtain it

Transparent polyester resin

Clear polyester liquid is one of the most sought-after products due to its wide range of industrial applications. There is often confusion about polyester in general, as we tend to associate polyester solely with fibers, given its widespread use and abundance in the world. However, the reality is that polyester fibers are made from liquid polyester, which is used in various other industries as well. Another important fact is that polyester is originally transparent, and certain chemical additives are introduced to the liquid before use to give it color properties or facilitate dyeing later on.

What is Clear Polyester Liquid?

Clear polyester liquid is a type of unsaturated polyester resin. It is a polyester used in casting processes and possesses crystalline transparency both during use and after solidification. Liquid polyester is typically produced through a chemical reaction between ethylene glycol, which is an oil-based substance, and terephthalic acid.


Clear polyester liquid is used in almost all industries. Liquid polyester is used in the manufacturing of PET bottles, films, tarpaulins, membrane insulation for wires, floor and surface insulation, and adhesive tapes. Polyester material is also widely used in the woodworking industry and in the production of polyester fibers. Additionally, liquid polyester is used in the production of artificial marble.

Note: The specific uses and applications of clear polyester liquid may vary depending on the industry and the manufacturer’s formulations.

Polyester Fabric Industry

Liquid polyester is formed into fibers using the spinning process. During spinning, additional chemical substances can be added to the liquid to make the resulting material easier to dye. The liquid mass is then passed through a spinneret into a column of cold air. When the polyester exits the spinneret, it is soft and easily stretchable, up to five times its original length. It is then wound into fiber form. Once the threads dry, the fibers become solid and strong instead of brittle. (Source: “Polyester” article from

Wood Coating

Clear polyester is commonly used in wood coating. The quality of the coating depends on the use of polyester, as it helps protect the wood from exposure to environmental factors such as water and temperature. Polyester liquid is sprayed onto the wooden product, along with some assisting liquids to accelerate the curing process.


Liquid clear polyester is used in the manufacturing of transparent glass panels and many plastic products. It is easy to produce complex shapes of plastic by pouring liquid polyester onto a mold and allowing it to dry completely at a certain temperature. This process is often employed in household industries.

In Artifacts

The method of using liquid polyester to create artifacts and antiques is similar to its use in plastics. The mold is shaped, whether made of wood or reinforced paper, and liquid clear polyester, mixed with desired colors and curing accelerators, is poured into it. There are many YouTube videos demonstrating how to create artifacts and antiques using liquid polyester as an easily executable project.

How to Obtain It

Polyester is popular due to its price and performance quality. However, obtaining it requires experience in its usage and a study of the specific type of polyester that can be used. There are variations in the types of polyester used in different industries, even though they are mostly in liquid form. Each product has its own characteristics and specific grades for the industry, such as density, curing time, elongation, and insulating strength. Polyester can be obtained from labor markets or construction supply stores.

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