Top 5 best series on amazon prime

In this blog we will see top 5 Best amazon web series list to binge watch these series are great some of them are funny some have intense action must watch and my personal suggestions ❤️

1. Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon

The young Sheldon is a comedy series available on the Amazon prime with the 4 seasons 20+ episodes in all seasons on you can watch it If you are above 12 it’s a comedy series belive me it’s really so funny , better then big bang theory probably , available in English and subtitles , it is made by the creators of the big bang theory so ofcourse it’s gonna be good.


The story is about the Sheldon Cooper and his family Sheldon is a gifted boy who is really inteligent doesn’t know about socializing doesn’t have any friends (except few ,maybe one) and he is really funny not only he but his sister , brother,mom,dad , his grandmother they all are really great it is really funny webseries must watch .

2. Blade of the immortal

Blade of the immortal
Blade of the immortals

It’s an anime series, available on Amazon prime videos , with 1 season 24 episodes it’s kind of an underrated series but it’s really a good one I don’t know why most people never heard about it , it’s an ‘ A ‘ rated series , with the good quality animation sadly it’s available in only japnese on amazon prime but don’t worry it has subtitles in English japnese and other languages .

The main carecter manji aka killer of 100 , the great sword man living for an long long time meets a girl named rin her parents were killed by a dojo master so she has to take the Revenge so she wants to beat him. So she meets manji while she was about to sucide and they she begs manji to teach her and here they go with there big journey in the era of warriors. If you like action anime then you are gonna love it.

3. The boys

The boys
The boys

The boys Is a good webseries , it’s an adaptation from the boys comic , available on Amazon prime videos the first season contains 8 episodes and also the 2nd season contains 8 episodes . It’s available in hindi , English, tamil , japnese etc……

We have seen so many superheroes like iron man from marvel , and Batman from dc. they are good guys but in the boys webseries we see the superhero that seem much more realistic corrupted superheroes who just wants to earn money and mentain there Nobel image in front of public for there business .

the boys series has so many fighting seens with the dark comedy that fits it perfect the production is good and the actors really did a good work Must watch if you are above 18+ and if you are not 18 or above then you should continue reading this we are going to mention some light comedy series here that are for all age groups.

There can be a season 3 of the boys in 2022 (maybe)

4. The family man

The family man
The family man

The family man is available on the Amazon prime videos , it has 2 season first season has 10 episodes and the second season has 9 episodes available in hindi , english and other English languages with subtitles

the story goes arround the Srikant , Srikant is a n.i.a agent and he has a family we see him manage both that’s why it’s name is family man he struggles sometimes with his duty and family it’s a fun to watch webseries it gets humorous sometimes belive me it’s worth watching, must watch

If you wanna know about the season 3 realise dates then read our blog about Family man season 3 realise date blog must read ❤️

5. the Good Doctor

Good doctor
The good doctor

The good doctor webseries is available on the Amazon prime ,there are 4 seasons but only 3 seasons are available on the Amazon prime all the season have 15 + episodes, it’s one of the best series on amazon prime 16+ age rating on amazon prime , available in English and europian languages with the subtitles

The good doctor is a good informative webseries , you learn about alot of things in this webseries about the medical things , the good doctor is an webseries about the boy who has the social problems with connecting with people he gets nurvous and all , but he likes the medical field he saves alot of people with his good medical skills , I can’t explain it further but it’s really a good webseries , must watch .

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