Top 15 best anime to watch on amazon prime|2023

Animes mentioned in this blog are from the different genres like action comedy romance ,drama , thriller , fiction and so many more with the great animation and story all Animes that we mentioned here are on amazon prime in 2021there are alot of good anime series on amazon prime , people ask if there are any Anime on amazon prime the answer for that is yes amazon prime has a lot of good quality  anime series like ,happy sugar life and grandblue dreaming , banana fish ,blades of the immortal and so many more . Amazon prime is really underrated when it comes to anime. and it’s kind of hard sometimes to find good anime series to binge watch. like which anime to watch, which one will be good ? And so many thoughts. don’t worry, we are always here,for you in this blog we will be mentioning the top 15 best anime series on Amazon prime videos to watch.


KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS Is a great anime made by the creators of attack on titan WIT studios they did great job like always this anime is available on Amazon prime and also on Netflix in Japanese audio and english subtitles with and there is a slight chance that there will be Season 2 season 1 has 12 episodes it’s an dark fantasy and post apocalyptic anime with great animation and fighting sceens and good dilogs and best music and opening

Suddenly one day Mankind faces the new threat they call them kabane , kabane are zombie like monsters who eat humans and infect them and once they bite someone they turn into kabane mankind made stations and iron FORTRESS to protect them selfes some clans rule over the fortresses. one by one kabane keep attacking them and taking over the fortresses KABANE can be only killed by piercing there iron hearts. this anime is kind of like attack on Titan not same but similar if you like aot then you will love KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS.


Dororo  is an amazing anime , with great animation by mappa and fantastic fighting scenes. It’s one of the best anime Series to watch available on amazon prime videos available in Japanese audio with English subtitles. There are 24 episodes in 1 season. The first season was released in 2019.

The Greedy lord daigo trades with the 12 demons the cost he pays for that is his newborn son , his newborn son borns with no face ,no hearing and with no skin so the lord daigo abandoned him and then after 16 years the guy named hyakkimaru encounters the boy named dororo hyakkimaru seems to have special abilities to see the demons. Hyakkimaru travels all over Japan and slayes the demons that are a threat to humanity.

Rage Of Bahamut Virgin Soul

Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul Demon dragon and other people standing
Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul

Rage Of Bahamut Virgin Soul Is created by mappa studios , mappa studios did really great job creating the fantastic anime with fantastic fighting scenes and fantastic animation and also fantastic music it’s an adventure and dark fantasy anime kind of reminds me of attack on Titan because of the animation available on Amazon prime videos in Japanese audio and english subtitles it’s has 2 seasons but only 1 season is available on prime videos know as rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul it is 2nd season and the first season known as rage of Bahamut Genesis is available on Netflix. The season 2 which is available on Amazon prime videos has 24 episodes.

It has been 10 years since mankind escaped from the great Bahamut’s awakening , but one day the new king of man attacked the demons as well as the gods. The king Conquered the demon nation Enslaved the demons.The world started to lose it’s balance . The demons were enslaved and killed by the humans    Conducted experiments on them but one day the demon named rag demon comes and fights for the weak demons who were torchered by the humans and the killing continues. gods and humans start to fight for justice.


Bannana Fish Ash lynx and eiji okumura yellow background
Bannana Fish

BANANA FISH  is an crime thriller anime , available on prime videos with  24 episodes and has one season available in Japanese audio and english subtitles the animation is quite good it has great characters in the series the characters are Attractive and handsome, and the fighting scenes are well animated by mappa studios.

The boy named Ash, who lives in New York, has good looks and powerful fighting skills , has been leading a street Gang at the age of 17. Since his elder brother returned from the Iraq war he was muttering banana fish so his younger brother Ash starts investigating the banana fish project and the godfather of the mafia world sends out gangsters to eliminate him. It’s a must watch anime.

Dropkick on my Devil!

Drop kick on my Devil! Pakora Medusa jashin-chan and Yurine and got having fun
Dropkick on my Devil!

Dropkick on my Devil! Is a amazing dark comedy anime. It has 12 episodes in season 1 with Japanese audio and english subtitles and it also has season 2  named dropkick on my Devil! dash but it’s not available on Amazon prime and we couldn’t find it anywhere else. It’s Available in crunchyroll but only in some regions you can also watch it on telegram and in gogo anime but it’s pirecy. Season 3 of this anime series will be released in 2022. It’s a really good and funny anime. It goes wild sometimes and it’s animation and cute anime girl and funny characters designs make it more fun To watch.

Jashin-chan is cutesy cutesy evil Devil lives in hell , one day  Yurine hanazono a cold witch summons jashin-chan from hell to earth and doesn’t know how to send jashin-chan back to hell so she is trapped in earth she doesn’t have a choice but to be roommates with Yurine hanazono. jashin-chan believes she can go back to hell by killing Yurine her friends Medusa and pekora have already given up because Yurine is so much powerful she keeps trying but always fail since jashin-chan can regenerate Yurine cuts her it gets funny when she does that it’s a really funny anime.


KOKKOKU Japanese text ©seita horio,kodansha/KOKKOKU committee

KOKKOKU is an Amazing anime, it’s  mystery, science fiction, thriller, dark fantasy anime available on Amazon prime videos in Japanese audio and English subtitles with 1 season and 12 episodes . It has a really fantastic story with good animation , the opening is really good and the music is also very good. You should watch this anime.

The members of Yukawa family inherited the stasis spell, the stasis spell has the power to stop time. The casters of the spell teleport inside the stasis world where everything has stopped.  Juri Yukawa is a normal girl who is struggling to find a job. Her father and uncle are so lazy they usually don’t do anything. but one day when  her younger brother and her uncle got kidnaped by an unknown gang. Her grandfather uses the secret stasis spell of the yukawa family to rescue her uncle and younger brother. But some people attack them and they are able to move in the stasis world

Grand Blue dreaming

Grand Blue dreaming Kawai hot girls and muscular handsome boys diving from the mountain in ocean
Grand Blue dreaming

Grand Blue dreaming is an ecchi , comedy and slice of life College Anime with good quality animation. It has 12 episodes and 1 season available on Amazon prime with japanese audio and english subtitles. It’s a really funny anime, believe me. (There can be a season 2 in 2021 or 2022)

The boy named Lori moves to his grandpa’s House for his college studies , and after the match of Rock paper scissors he ends up  joining the diving club in his new College and he makes friends there and he and his friends are a big perverts he tries to get himself a girlfriend it’s really fun to watch it’s an really funny anime he and his wild friends who are really weird all characters are so much funny and weird (~‾▿‾)~ .


INUYASHIKI LAST HERO INUYASHIKI punching hiro HD cool background

INUYASHIKI LAST HERO is a science fiction and superhero fiction anime by mappa studios available on Amazon prime in Japanese audio and english subtitles with 1 season and 11 episodes it’s  one of best anime on amazon prime believe me it’s a really great anime it has great animation and also in some scenes they used cgi it has really sad ending I bet you will cry.

INUYASHIKI is a normal kind 58 year old man who lives with his daughter son and his wife ,but seems that he doesn’t get much attention but one day when he was returning from his work he finds a street dog and brings her to his house he names her hanako the next day inuyashiki goes to a health checkup the doctors find out that he has stomach cancer.  He tries to tells his family but no one listens So he just decides to keep that a secret he was so sad he goes for a walk with hanako and in the park he cries and suddenly something mysterious happens he sees some things like the space and the universe and a guy in that park standing in front of him he falls down.when he wakes up next day he finds out that he is a kind of a machine like robot the other guy with him at that park was a student named hiro shiganshina he also gets the same powers as Insuyashiki but he chooses the path to kill people , and Insuyashiki chooses the path to save the people the anime gets really interesting

(Sorry I really liked this anime so I said so much about this one 😅)

Blades of the immortals

Blades of the immortals Manji standing with sword after combat
Blades of The Importal

Blades of the immortals Is an underrated anime but it has really intense sword fighting action scenes. That  makes this anime worth watching , available in Japanese audio and english subtitles, it has 1 season with 24 episodes , great animation work by bee train studios.

The warrior is known as the killer of the hundreds manji. Meets a girl named rin who wants to avenge her parents swords master ittou-ryu have killed her parents , rin asks if she can come with him and avenge her parents and be her bodyguard he refuses at first time , but he sees her late sister in her so he can’t refuse he agrees to go with her and avenge her parents the struggle begins sometimes the fights bring immortal manji to his knees , but he fights back every time and wins the manji has awesome sword fighting skills. Because of that the anime really stands out; it has great sword fighting.

Karakuri Circus

Karakuri circus Weird girl standing holding her a little boy and a cool looking guy in front ,
Karakuri circus

Karakuri Circus is an action , fiction , and dark fantasy , comedy anime Available on amazon prime videos it has 1 season with 36 episodes , in Japanese audio and english subtitles made by studio voln studios, voln studios did a great job in animation.

Masaru saiga is an 11 year old boy who is trying to save himself and the treasure left by the members of saiga family , after his father’s death some deadly puppets try to catch him and his family’s treasure but the guy named baruni who is the member of a Circus saves him from them but after that it gets worst and puppets come again but when it’s all about to get ended they were close to the death  , the girl named shirogane comes and saves them. Shirogane tells him that she is there to save Masaru from the puppets and who is sending the puppets . The enemies keep coming , the fighting scenes are really good, fast paced with good Character designs, it’s a good binge watch.b

After The Rain

After The Rain Cute tashibana blushing pink background flowers
After The Rain

After the Rain is a slice of life , romantic anime available on Amazon prime videos , has 1 season 12 episodes available in Japanese audio and also available in English subtitles  ( it’s available in English audio but not on amazon prime )  it’s a great romantic and slice of life anime and best Short anime on Amazon Prime.

Akira tashibana is a College student was a fastest member of the racing club but got her foot injured so she had to stop running , kondo who is a 45 year old manager of the  restaurant called garden in the seaside town where Akira tashibana works and the manager is really kind , and the Akira kind of likes him the twist is that Akira tashibana is young and kondo is pretty old they fall in love with each others and their lives become suddenly more colorful, more joyful.

Vinland Saga

Vineland Saga Japanese text Thores thorfin others giving a cool look with bloody background
Vineland Saga

Vinland Saga is an adventure and action anime available on Amazon prime it has 1 season and 24 episodes available in English audio and english subtitles it’s an historical anime based on the Viking era, the wildness of the Vikings killing and also the intense action makes it worth watching.

The legendary warrior named Thors who killed hundreds of people in war a Viking , he has made a decision that he is never going to fight or kill anyone he decided to live a happy and peaceful life in the village and start a family his son thorfinn Heard a lot of stories from the warriors about the Vineland the warm beautiful paradise he is willing to go there in future but one day thor’s past starts to come to his new life the war never left them . The Vikings king’s messenger comes to his Village and asks Thors to fight or else they will kill everyone in the village and ruin it so he has to agree to fight in the war.

Re : Creators

Re: Creators Japnese text Cute girl with headphones standing with mordern background hot

Re:Creators is an action fiction , isekai anime .it’s available on Amazon prime videos in Japanese audio and english subtitles there is 1 season with 22 episodes it has a good story  anime has a great animation and good quality music and fights it’s a good binge watch anime

A normal High school boy named Sota was playing a game after a long day at the college, a mysterious woman brings the video game character into the real world.After that, one by one so many video game , anime , and manga characters start to come to real life and that makes so much chaos everyone becomes so confused they slowly start to understand what is happening And they try to meet with there creators creator and get back to there world’s creators seem to have ability to change the characters . Everyone becomes a creator in this anime.The mysterious girl is probably planning something.

Chi’s Sweet adventure

Chi's Sweet adventure Cute chi the cat giving a kawai pose sitting
Chi’s Sweet Adventure

Chi’s Sweet adventure is a cutesy  cutesy anime with alot of funny moments. It’s a funny anime ,available on Amazon prime videos. It has 2 seasons , the first season has 51 episodes  and the second season has 25 episodes. It’s available in English audio . It’s not a traditionally drawn animation style but more like 3d + Japanese animation but still this combination makes it look really beautiful.

Chi is an energetic cat who lives with the Hamada family. Her daily routine is drinking milk , taking naps , and going for walks and occasionally fighting. She has good cat friends in the neighborhood. Chi is a really cute cat. She enjoys her life very well, plays with the objects, makes a mess sometimes , the neighborhood cats teach chi a lot of stuff and that gets even more funnier. Chi is like a family member in the Hamada family. It’s a lovely anime.

Happy Sugar Life .

Happy Sugar Life Japanese pink text Cute girl and one more girl laying on the bed
Happy Sugar Life

 Happy Sugar Life is a Romance ,psychological thriller , drama and horror anime series available on Amazon prime in Japanese audio with english subtitles with 1 season and 12 episodes. It has great animation like all the anime mentioned in this anime list. It’s not a total romance anime but also not a total crime , horror anime it has both.

Satou Matsuzaka is a really cute anime girl who has never loved anyone before. Because of her painful and sad past. She falls in love with the little cute girl named Shio Koube who is probably half Satou’s age . The two girls love each other so much that they live together and enjoy their sugar lifes. Satou loves shio so much. She never lets Shio go out, never lets anyone endanger her and she can be really mad sometimes but the moment she see shio she gets happy. It’s a really lovely and cute anime.

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