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the best type of paper for writing

the best type of paper for writing

The first appearance of paper occurred about two thousand years ago by ancient Chinese. At that time, it was handmade. Until recently, paper was predominantly used among the upper classes of society. However, with the industrial revolution, the price of paper decreased, making it as accessible as drinking water, and its usage expanded widely. It became used in drawing, decoration, and packaging. However, writing remains the primary use of paper. Therefore, here is a list of the best types of paper for writing.

1- Coucher Paper

Coucher paper is known for its smooth polished texture and comes in two types: matte or smooth coucher paper. The weight of an A4-sized sheet is approximately 120 grams. Matte coucher paper, also known as “hand-holding paper” for calligraphers, prevents slipping. It is used in the production of small brochures, advertisements, pamphlets, magazines, and menus.

There is also a third type called Perestol, which is considered one of the best types of paper for writing. It can come in various colors. This type of paper has a similar texture to regular coucher paper, but its fibers are stronger and more durable. It is commonly used for making invitation cards and notebook covers.

2- Duplex Paper

Duplex paper has one smooth side and one rough side. It is superior to coucher paper in terms of cohesion, although it is generally of lower quality. Duplex paper can be found at libraries and is considered one of the best types of paper for writing. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of boxes and fast-food packaging.

3- Crystal Paper

Crystal paper is considered a luxurious type of paper. It is particularly favored by origami artists due to its durability, resistance to tearing, and minimal wrinkling compared to regular paper. The price of this paper is relatively high. It is available in both lightweight versions suitable for writing and heavyweight versions used for making cards and other crafts.

4- Conqueror Paper

Conqueror paper is also one of the finest and best types of paper for writing. Its high price is evidence of its quality. Conqueror paper can be obtained in various colors and has a smooth texture. It is widely used in the production of business cards and important correspondences.

5- Bondakot Paper

Bondakot paper is used in the production of official correspondence. It is considered a premium type of paper that is not commonly used.

6- White Paper

White paper is commonly used in printing, book manufacturing, notebooks, and postcards. Its price varies according to its weight. It is one of the most popular and best types of paper for non-professional writing.

7- Acid-Free Paper

You may have noticed that many old notebooks from your school days have started turning yellow or deteriorating. This damage is due to the presence of acidic substances in the paper. However, paper that does not contain these substances and is made solely from natural fibers can be stored for hundreds of years without any degradation.

8- Newspaper Paper

This type of paper is among the poorest quality as it quickly deteriorates when exposed to moisture or sunlight. Nevertheless, due to its low cost, it is still widely used for non-important writing. Newspaper paper is manufactured from ground wood pulp or recycled damaged paper.

9- Sized Paper

Sized paper is not a specific type that can be purchased; it is an improvement process that can make any paper more suitable for writing. The benefits of sizing paper include increased smoothness, improved ink compatibility, and prolonged paper lifespan.

In conclusion, after this extensive list of the best types of paper for writing, the ultimate choice depends on the user’s specific needs. The best type varies depending on whether one intends to write books, create magazines, engage in Arabic calligraphy artwork, or simply explore and develop writing skills. Nonetheless, we are witnessing a decline in the significance of paper today due to the presence of electronic media. Do you believe that computers will eventually replace paper?

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