Shinchan new episodes on hungama, timing,all you need to know

It has been a long time since we have seen any new shinchan episodes ,all the episodes were already repeated so many times and now Disney india finally decided to broadcast the new episodes of shinchan on Hungama tv today we will be talking about Shinchan New episodes on hungama, timing and who are the new voice actors and the timing and if it’s amazing and funny as Before.

Shinchan is an comedy and slice of life on going anime tv show released in 1996 and adapted from the crayon shinchan manga written and illustrated by Yoshito usui and animated by Science Saru there are 29 shinchan seasons in total and new Seasons keep coming every new year and it also has more than 26 movies . If you live in india then You can watch shinchan on hungama channel or also on the Disney+ the show has gained so many fans and is so much popular.

Shin nohara as known as shinchan nohara is a 5 year old boy lives with his mom (misae) ,dad (Hiroshi) and cute little sister (Himawari) the series follows shinchan and shows his Weird and funny adventures and also his life with his friends show is really funny because it’s just so much funny.

shinchan is the best comedy anime that broadcasts on tv The new seasons are amazing and as funny as they were before the animation improved and some Hindi voice actors have been replaced. Thankfully they didn’t change shinchan’s voice which is great.

Shinchan isn’t a new show on Hungama it is broadcasting from a long time there were 12 to 13 seasons broadcasted and repeated bur finally Disney india decided to broadcast new Seasons which are airing on hungama the new Seasons that are airing on hungama are season 15th and 14th season I am not totally sure because they are broadcasting more new episodes maybe we will be seeing the season 16 , or 17 soon with new shinchan movies .

In new Shinchan episodes you will notice that shinchan’s mom misae and also some other carecters voices have been changed I don’t know whom they are replaced witha and why because I couldn’t find anything much on internet but the new voice actors don’t fit in well I really miss misae’s old voice.

Usually shinchan is broadcasted whole day but if you wanna only watch the new Episodes of shinchan then you can watch them arround 1 Pm to 5 Pm but sometimes shedule can be changed

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