Best romantic anime movies

there are alot of romantic anime movies , it’s kind of hard to find the best romantic movies that can touch your hart , that you will remember forever , don’t worry I got your back the anime movies in this blog/ article will be sad,romantic slice of life some of them even funny a bit so stay tuned.

  • here are the ‘best romantic anime movies ‘to watch

1. Wolf children

Wolf children is a good anime movie

It isn’t a total romantic anime movie, A guy and a girl falls in love but do you know what is the twist? The guy is a wolf , they had kids the kids also were the wolf and the father of those kids leaves them. now she can’t go to hospital or even live a normal life inside the city because her children are Wolf’s .

so they move on to a village now watch the movie to see her children grow up her struggle how they suffer and in the end everything becomes ok believe me the ending is really really sad so don’t forget to grab tissues, when watching wolf children. It’s a really really Good and happy anime movie , watch wolf children.

ImDb rating – 8.1/10

Genre – fantasy , drama

2. A silent voice

a silent voice aka Koe no Katachi , is available on the Netflix. There is a girl named shouko in the movie she is deaf and also mute she gets the admission in our mc’s school they act nice to her for some days but the main anime boy carecter named shoya ishida he Buly’s her so much so she has to leave the school.

Here’s where it all starts the mc tries to fix his mistake by apologising to her and they become friends then something intrusting happens ishida saves her no more spoilers watch the anime for further story.

Genre – romance , drama

IMDb – 8.2/10

3. Your name

what if you switch places with the girl you don’t even know ? Never meet you just sleep one day and wake up in the another person’s body And then you know that the person you are switching bodies with is dead? And you have feelings for her ? What will you do? Try to save her? Right! That’s exactly what he does (taki) the main carecter of the, Your name Aka Kimi no Na wa,

The music is amazing and the opening just listen the opening of this anime you will watch the whole anime just after you will listen to the opening song the beautiful scenes in this movie are amazing you should watch it .

Genre – romance,fantasy

IMDb – 8.9/10 4.

4. I want to eat your pancreas


I want to eat your pancreas can really make you cry. it’s a story about a girl ,who has pancreatic diseases , she has only some days left. she meets a guy they have fun at start she doesn’t tell him that he have a pancreatic diseases but he somehow gets to know it from her book she tells him everything after that,

they travel and all and have fun in her last days but something really intrusting happens but it’s really sad must watch it is even now making me cry .

Genre – romance drama

IMDb – 8/10.

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