best animated sitcoms on Netflix to binge watch

Looking for the best sitcoms on Netflix ? Today in this blog I handpicked some of the best animated sitcoms on Netflix for you to binge watch not just that but also the sitcoms review and a little information about the sitcom with it’s synopsis I hope you will love my blog

South Park

South park is a popular animated sitcom that is running since 1997 and still is ongoing it has 24 seasons with episodes 309 episodes the 25th Season of South park will come out in somewhere between 2022 south park is Available on Netflix in English audio and subtitles but the problem here is that Netflix doesn’t has all the seasons of South park it only has 17th to 23rd seasons if you wanna watch all the seasons then you can watch them on HBO MAX but hbo max isn’t Available in all countries so I recommend using a vpn if you wanna watch south park all seasons the show is pretty funny and good the animation fits perfectly with the show must watch

The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel is a amazing Comedy Animated show created by Pendleton ward who create the Adventure time the show goes pretty deep it’s an Netflix original sitcom show available on Netflix in English audio and subtitles And it has 1 season with 8 episodes midnight Gospel was released in 2020 the show is pretty awesome and the animation is beautiful and show sometimes gets emotional it’s a good show to binge watch midnight Gospel isn’t a sitcom but still if you like watching sitcoms you will love midnight Gospel

Clancy Gilroy is space caster he lives in the chromatic ribbon and he does space casts that are similar to podcasts but space casts are broadcasted in whole space He goes in different planets with the help of his simulator he chooses an planet and an avatar and puts his head in the simulator lands on planet finds someone to interview and space cast begins the people whom he interviews are nobel people they tell about themselves also their beliefs and philosophies they go pretty deep they share their experiences with Clancy and when the interview ends he comes back from the planet with some memories the show is pretty awesome some stuff that people say In interview might go up your head but still you will love the midnight Gospel

Paradise PD

Paradise PD is a awesome adult American Comedy Animated Sitcom released in 2016 , it’s Available on Netflix In English audio and subtitles the animation is pretty good it has 3 parts and the part 4 will be released in somewhere 2022 the show is really good it’s not just a funny sitcom but it also follows a story Everything happens in one episode has impact on other episodes too it has some of the funniest characters and the show also does some crossovers with other shows and gives references it’s interesting and fun to watch Show and I don’t recommended this show for kids because it has a lot of violence and adult stuff so don’t Watch it if your are below 18 anyway show is awesome.

Paradise is a little town with bad cops. They are not actually corrupted but they just aren’t that good. The crime rates are to High in paradise because the police are too lazy. Kevin is a 18 year old boy who is the son of Chief Randall he joins the police without any proper Police training because of his mom who is a mayor his dream was to become a policeman like his father the Cops in paradise pd are pretty weird and since Kevin just joined he didn’t knew Kevin is a pretty active cop unlike other cops in Paradise pd police who are lazy and weird he tries to fight the drug mafia with the help of his friend cops they mostly fight the drug mafia’s the show is pretty funny and interesting to watch.

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is an amazing and unique American Netflix Original Comedy and emotional animated sitcom show. It may seem a little boring at the start but you will love it after watching a few episodes. BoJack Horseman was Released in 2014 produced by Tornante Television Boxer vs. Raptor ShadowMachine and it’s ongoing show available on Netflix in English audio and subtitles it has 6 Season with 76 episodes in total , BoJack Horseman Season 7 will be released in 2022 BoJack Horseman isn’t just a normal funny sitcom but it also gets emotional sometimes it’s one of The Sitcoms of all time but if your are under 18 then I don’t recommend watching BoJack Horseman because it has a lot of drugs and adult references.

BoJack is a human horse and a Hollywood stars he complains about everything and lives with a teenager his name is Tod , bo Jack he is so lonely and Depressed he hates most of the actors back in the 19s BoJack was in a very famous comedy sitcom show called Horsin around but now he isn’t that famous and popular because show has ended and he didn’t get any work after that now he is just doing nothing he decided to come back in Hollywoo industry by Writing a book on him he thinks that if the book gets successfully he might get famous again in Hollywoo so he hires a book writer who can who can write book on him it’s an good sitcom must watch

Adventure Time

Adventure time is a great comedy and adventure cartoon network show. Adventure time isn’t a Sitcom but still it is one of the best cartoon shows of all time. This show doesn’t have any age limits. If you are a kid or even an adult you will love adventure time. Adventure time is Available on Netflix it has 10 seasons with 283 episodes you can watch it in English audio with english subtitles and it’s an ongoing show so new Seasons will come out anyway the problem is that Netflix doesn’t have all the seasons of adventure time but still you can enjoy the adventure time season 5 and 6 on Netflix the show is really great

Finn the Human and Jake the Dog who has magical powers he can change his shape and size both are good buddies they go on magical and mysterious adventures together on the land of Ooo helping people meeting new people and discovering new things and getting in weird magical trouble it’s a great show to binge watch

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is the best and the most popular adult sitcom. If we are talking about the best sitcoms, we can’t just forget Rick and Morty. Without Rick Morty the list will be incomplete. The show was released in 2014. It’s an ongoing show. It has 5 seasons with 49 episodes and still is ongoing. You can watch the show in English audio with english subtitles. Rick and Morty is a great sci-fi comedy sitcom you will not get bored even for a moment.

The story goes like this a guy named rick is an brilliant crazy scientists can travel to any dimensions can travel in different realities mess with whole world kills anyone like it’s nothing  and in simple words can do anything ,he was gone for 20 years and one day he comes to her daughters house his daughter welcomes him into their house Jerry his daughters husband rick really hates him ( a bit ) because he is not smart at all he always gets mocked by Rick so he feels left out and stupid , and Morty’s sister summer she kind of likes her grandpa but also doesn’t I mean he is in the center of all this she is weird.Rick lives with her daughter now , his daughter’s son Morty is an dumb normal kid not good in school and also not good in maths and not good in sports doesn’t have girlfriend in simple words a dumb kid.  Rick needed someone as a helper for his crazy science experiments and also he wanted Morty to stay with him to learn stuff so Rick decides to take Morty on his crazy science adventures

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