All types of natural honey and their uses, more than 23 types

All types of natural honey and their uses, more than 23 types

All types of natural honey have the same benefits and importance, as it is a natural product gifted to us by bees. Apart from its wonderful sweet taste, it is an effective natural remedy for many diseases. However, there are some slight differences in types of honey, such as color, taste, texture, and some additional properties. These variations depend on the type of bee and the diversity of the nectar source, whether it is from flowers, plant secretions, or insect excretions. Other factors such as soil type and weather conditions also affect the properties of honey.

1- Clover Honey

Clover honey is the most widespread type, produced by bees collecting nectar from clover flowers. Clover honey is harvested in many regions of the world, and its characteristics vary somewhat depending on the type of bee and the type of clover plant. However, they mostly share similar qualities and benefits. It has a slightly darker yellowish color and a sweet taste with a hint of acidity. Some famous varieties include:

  • Hijazi: Hijazi clover honey is characterized by various colors ranging from colorless to amber. It crystallizes quickly and turns into a solid white mass similar to cream. It has a pleasant aroma and a distinct taste. Its benefits include maintaining blood sugar levels, diuretic properties, and treating urinary tract infections and diarrhea.
  • Halaw: It is a delicious-tasting honey with a pale amber color and a refreshing vanilla-like aroma.
  • White Clover: White clover honey is a transparent honey without color, excellent taste, and when it crystallizes, it becomes a solid white mass. It is one of the best types of honey, with a 40% fruit sugar content.

2- Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a rare dark-colored honey with a unique flavor. It is produced in New Zealand and Australia and contains antibacterial properties. It is produced by European honey bees feeding on the flowers of the tea tree. Studies have shown that Manuka honey is an extremely effective treatment for wounds, promoting the healing of burns and diabetic ulcers due to its antibacterial properties. It is also used to reduce inflammation in patients with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and acne.

3- Citrus Honey

Citrus honey is often characterized by its white color and low density. It is produced from the nectar of citrus fruits such as lemon and orange. It has an excellent aroma resembling orange and lemon blossoms and a fantastic taste. It can be applied to the face to remove blemishes. Orange honey is known for its blood purification properties and its ability to calm the nerves when consumed half an hour before sleep, especially for children.

4- Mountain Honey

Mountain honey is one of the most expensive and rare types of natural honey. Bees produce it from the nectar and sap they find in the mountains. It is difficult to harvest and has powerful benefits in treating many diseases. It is beneficial for tension, disorders of the endocrine glands, heart and vascular diseases, and an effective treatment for kidney, liver, and stomach diseases. It helps eliminate salt and toxins from the human body. Mountain honey often has a dark color due to its high mineral content. One of the famous types available in the market is Sidr honey and the Himalayan honey, popularly known as hallucinogenic honey.

5- Wild Honey

Wild honey is rare and precious, as it is produced freely in the wild and harvested by honey researchers. Bees that produce this type of honey are known for their constant migration and the establishment of colonies in other flowering areas. One of the famous types is Qubbar honey, produced by bees using the wild Qubbar plant, which has many medicinal properties, including being a sexual tonic. These medical properties transfer to the nectar of the plant and, consequently, to the honey. Wild honey is used to stimulate and activate liver and spleen functions, improve blood circulation, and aid in the treatment of atherosclerosis. It also helps with digestion, relieves bloating, softens the intestines, promotes urination and menstruation, and helps eliminate respiratory secretions. It is beneficial in the treatment of anemia, ascites, gout, and arthritis. It is also used for allergies and skin rashes and relieves toothaches.

6- Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is one of the lightest types of honey and one of the most expensive in the world. Bees produce it from the flowers of tupelo trees found in flood-prone areas, waterfalls, or in the middle of rivers. Tupelo honey is characterized by its distinctive light amber color with green undertones. Its high fructose content makes it sweet and creamy, and it has a very long shelf life before crystallization.

7- Kenyan Honey

Kenyan honey is a refined honey with a dark amber color, a distinctive aroma, and a good taste. Bees collect it from the nectar of Kenyan plant flowers. It is used for phlegm, chest allergies, and is considered a loyal companion for asthma and urinary tract diseases, starting from the kidneys. It is also very useful in cases of inflammation and infections in the body.

8- Sunflower Honey

Sunflower honey is a common honey with a light flavor. It is obtained from the flowers of sunflowers and is sometimes referred to as sunflower honey. This type of honey is highly viscous and quickly crystallizes into a solid texture. Therefore, it is rarely found raw in stores. Sunflower honey has numerous health benefits and various uses due to its content of essential fatty acids, vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium, and other minerals.

9- Black Bee Honey

Although its color is not completely black, this name is given to two types of honey. One is due to its dark brown color, which tends toward black, and the other is due to the type of bee that produces it, known as the rare “black bee.” In both cases, this type of honey is not readily available in the markets and has a high iron content, proteins, and other characteristics. It is used to treat anemia and other diseases.

10- White Honey

White honey does not appear completely white; it has a very light amber color, leaning towards white. It is also a rare type of precious honey characterized by its buttery sweet taste. Bees use strawberry, raspberry, and kiawe tree flowers in Hawaii to produce white honey. This type of honey is used alongside its distinctive taste to treat colds, respiratory system issues, improve digestion, and promote skin health.

11- Rosemary Honey

Sometimes called sage honey, it has a sweet and unique aroma and a color between golden amber and very light amber, although some may have a greenish-yellow color depending on the source plants. Bees obtain it from rosemary plants, and it contains a high fructose content. This means that it may take several years before it crystallizes on the shelf when stored at room temperature. This honey is typically used to slow down or prevent the development of serious diseases such as heart diseases and cancer, in addition to other benefits associated with honey in general.

12- Radiant Honey

Radiant honey is a rare type with significant importance. Bees produce it by absorbing nectar from plants that contain radioactive substances, such as radium. It should be noted that the reserve of radium in the earth’s crust is extremely weak. Radiant honey has significant therapeutic importance and is used in the treatment of malignant cancerous tumors and sarcomas.

13- Tobacco Honey

Tobacco honey is of poor quality and is not usually used for consumption or treatment due to containing harmful substances. It is produced by bees from tobacco plants used in cigarette production. Its color varies from light to dark, it has an unpleasant smell, and its taste is not desirable. Tobacco honey is mainly used by tobacco companies to produce flavored cigarettes.

14- Willow Honey

Willow honey is a good type of honey produced by bees from the flowers of willow trees. Its type varies depending on the species of the tree (white, purple, black, Egyptian, Babylonian, etc.). It has a golden yellow color, a good taste, and crystallizes into a smooth creamy texture.

15- Fruit Honey

Fruit honey is honey produced by bees from fruit flowers. Some popular types include orange blossom honey, raspberry honey, strawberry honey, pumpkin honey, and apple honey. These honey varieties are known for their beautiful flavor and aroma, and each has multiple medicinal benefits and uses.

16- Rocky Honey

Rocky honey is a rare type of honey produced by wild bees in their natural nests among rocks. It has a pale yellow color, a pleasant aroma, and a delicious taste. Its consistency comes in solid crystallized tablets that need to be broken into pieces. Rocky honey can retain its texture for many years.

17- Lavender Honey

Lavender honey is amber-colored with a pleasant fragrance and excellent taste. It is highly viscous and freezes slowly. Bees are attracted to the flowers of this herb, which gives the honey its value in production.

18- Healing Honey

Healing honey is a type of famous natural honey known for its health and nutritional benefits. It is characterized by its unparalleled purity and clarity, in addition to having low sugar content. This honey contains a high percentage of hydrogen and potassium salts, along with other minerals that provide valuable nutritional value to the human body.

19- Cotton Honey

Cotton flowers attract bees and provide them with a small amount of nectar, making it a good type of honey. It has a light and distinctive fragrance and a delicate taste. Cotton honey crystallizes quickly and turns into a white, snow-like color, although it can also have a yellowish hue. The flavor of honey collected from cotton plant nectar is not significantly different from honey collected from other flowers.

20- Wheat Honey

Wheat honey is produced by bees from wheat plants. It has a greenish-yellow color and a scent reminiscent of almonds, with a slight bitterness in taste.

21- Dandelion Honey

Dandelion honey is a thick, golden-yellow honey that crystallizes quickly. It has a strong aromatic scent and a powerful taste. Bees collect it from dandelion plants, and it is used as a blood purifier and aids in combating insomnia.

22- Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat is considered the queen of honey plants, and honey produced from it is one of the best varieties you can buy. Buckwheat honey has a strong and highly distinctive aroma, much stronger than expected from its light color. Despite its sweetness and high glucose content, it contains almost the same amounts of carbohydrates and calories as other types of honey. Buckwheat honey provides many vitamins and minerals more than most other honey varieties.

23- Mint Honey

What could be more delightful than combining the refreshing properties of mint with the sweet and beneficial honey? This is what you get from this type of honey, where bees use the flowers of mint plants to produce honey. It has an amber color and a scent similar to mint. It is highly beneficial due to its aromatic and therapeutic properties.

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