12 best apps to read manga and manhwa online (free and paid)

If you are looking for the new popular manhwa or manga and Don’t have any money and you also don’t wanna do piracy you wanna read it legally then this blog is for you. In this blog I will be mentioning the top 10 best app’s to read manga,manhwa online legally free and paid . All apps have a lot of good quality manga and manhwa to read. All the apps have good app interfaces and designs and all are easy to use.

some people may not know what is the manhwa so basically manhwa is korean manga with some changes like manhwa are not black and white unlike manga they are colored and layout and text are different. we do not promote piricy that’s why some of the apps in this blog require paid membership in reasonable price and some are totally free with ads but all are the best and we also mentioned the best manhwa and manga that are available in the apps

CrunchyRoll Manga

Crunchy roll manga logo
Credit : Crunchy Roll Manga

CrunchyRoll Manga is a great app for the manga readers with tons of manga and simple user friendly interface. you will get one or two chapters to read for free but if you wanna read all you will have to pay it’s subscription costs 8$ dollars and it also has a 14 day free trial. CrunchyRoll Manga has the most popular and best manga like attack on titan and so many more . Crunchy Roll Manga app is available for android and ios devices for free.

  • Attack on Titan.
  • To Your Eternity.
  • Genshin Impact.
  • Inside Mari.
  • Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

Shonen jump

Shonen jump the world's most popular manga logo
Credit : Shonen Jump

Shonen jump is an App by VIZ. it’s the best manga reader app if you are looking for the most popular manga the Shonen jump is the best choice for you it has a lot of manga to read. Shonen jump has a simple interface that makes your reading easy You can read three first chapters and the new 3 chapters of manga for free if you are a crazy otaku who loves to read manga then you can also buy shonen jump membership for only 169 rupee per month in india.

  • One Piece
  • demon slayer : kimetsu no yaiba
  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


kodansha logo

Kodansha is a japans largest publishing company which publishes mangas and books on their website, Kodansha isn’t similar to shonen jump or Crunchyroll manga on Kodansha’s website you will have to buy the manga first to read the interface is pretty good but I don’t recommend Kodansha for reading mangas online paying for a single manga only isn’t worth it the subscription-based apps and websites are better and worth spending money but if you wanna read the manga that is available nowhere but only on Kodansha exclusively then you can try it but it will be a bit costly

  • Attack on titan
  • Sailor moon
  • Tokyo revengers
  • Back when you called us devils
  • Miss nagatoro

Manga plus

Manga Plus by shueisha logo
Credit : Manga Plus by shueisha

Manga Plus is a manga reading app by shueisha, shueisha is weekly publisher of shonen anime in japan if you are looking for the latest manga chapters that are just launched in japan then manga+ is the best legal manga reading app for you because manga plus publishes manga chapters once it’s released in japan. The app is available on iOS and Android mobile phones.

  • Assassination classroom
  • My hero academia
  • Doctor stone
  • Bleach


Otaku zone logo anime girl
Credit : Otaku zone

Otaku Zone is the best free manga reading app with alot of popular manga like one punch man and jutsu kaisen manga for free. to unlock the new manga chapters you will have to watch ad and if you want some extra features then you can always buy Otaku Premium in Otaku premium you can unlock all chapters for free with no ads and high speed image loading and so much more and it costs about 110 rupees per month. The app design and interface are good and it’s easy to use

  • Jutsu kaisen
  • One punch man
  • Tales Of Demons And Gods
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • One piece

INKR Comics

INKR Comic logo yellow background Black K text logo
Credit : INKR Comics

INKR Comics is a free and paid comic, manga , Manhua , manhwa reading app the best thing about app is that it has tokens named ink you get the tokens by watching ads or doing tasks and with tokens you can buy and read the manga etc. And even if you don’t have the tokens you can read premium manga but you will have to see so many ads , and if you don’t just want to waste your time on ads you can subscribe to Inkr extra in inkr extra you will get advertisement free reading and also read exclusive and non exclusive manga,Comics and manhua offline for free in 450 rupees per month

  • Cage of Eden
  • Bloody Monday
  • Attack on tutan
  • Bloody sweet
  • Domestic girlfriend

Web Comics

Webcomics logo
Credit : WebComics

Webcomics is a great app if you are looking for good quality romance manga and manhwa and it also has communities where you can share your thoughts and there are tons of hd manga and manhwa on webcomics the app gives you daily exclusive rewards if you just log in daily and also webcomics has a special separate free section so you will not have any trouble finding free manga and in free section there is time limit till the manga will be available for free also first 20 chapters of any Manga are free on webcomics. It’s Available for android and ios phones there are diamonds and coupons that you can buy new chapters from.

  • Honey, Don’t Run Away. Drama
  • I Was XXX By My Idol
  • Taming The Possessive Girl
  • Stay With The CEO
  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms


Web toon app logo
Credit : WebToon

WEBTOON is the best app if you are looking for good manhwa to read there are more than 2600 exclusive titles on WEBTOON it’s isn’t just a reading app but also you can publish your own digital manhva manga on WEB TOON . To unlock chapters you will have to watch the ads sometimes ,the app has a cool mobile friendly interface with amazing manga collection from all the genres Web toon is available for android and ios devices for free .

  • Let’s Play
  • Bluechair
  • I Love Yoo
  • Tower of God


Mangamo app logo
Credit : mangamo

Mangamo has a good collection of manga . there are more than 300 Titles available for only 199 rupees per month but if you don’t wanna risk your money then there is a 30 day free trial for you the app has good and simple interface it’s easy to use and available for android and ios phones.

  • Attack on titan
  • Fairy tail
  • Memento Memori


Tappy toon logo Cat with googles
Credit : tappytoon

Tappytoon is a manga and manhwa reader app for Android and iOS. It has good quality manga and manhwa collection and easy to use app design it’s a good app if you are looking for unique and good new manga and mahnwa to read online then tappytoon is perfect for you to read manga on tappytoon you will need tickets and coins to unlock new chapters and some manhwa and manga are available for free but only for 24 hours it’s a good app.

  • I got pregnant with tyrant’s child
  • Father,I don’t want this marriage
  • Solo leveling
  • The villainess lives again
  • Lucia

Manta comics

M manta comic logo purple
Credit : Manta

Manta Comics is a manga and manhwa app for readers available on Android and iOS devices , it has free and paid manhwas and manga the color scheme is really good it gives it a cool look it has subscription Named Manta Unlimited costs 249 ₹ for one month subscription.

  • Totem’s Realm
  • Day by Day
  • Under the Oak Tree
  • Observing Elena Evoy
  • Love & Wish


comiXology an Amazon company
Credit : amazon

comiXologyWeb By Amazon has a great collection specially the comic collection is amazing but I don’t recommend comiXology because it can get pretty expensive but still if you can afford to pay you are a big fan of the batman and other comics then buy the comics and mangas it doesn’t have any subscription you will have to buy all chapters one by one but still it has a good collection that you can choose from.

  • Stone Star Season
  • Snow Angels
  • Adora and the Distance
  • Hailstone
  • Classwar
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