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Here are the , best anime to watch .

The anime mentioned in this blog are all time best Anime’s not just from 2023 but from all the time I am sure that you will like them to ☺️❤️

  • 1. Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood ( FMAB )
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Adventure, action, comedy,drama, thriller,romance I don’t know how too describe about this anime Fmab is the best anime I ever watched it touched my heart in the end it’s just perfect just watch it you won’t be dispointed with the anime the plot of the anime is there are 2 brothers there mom dies by a disease and they try to revive her by the alchemy and then something goes wrong and his brothers body is taken and also he looses his arm and foot. now he needs a stone to bring his brothers body back no spoilers now just watch the anime it’s amazing.

  • 2. attack on Titan (  Shingeki no Kyojin )
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action adventure drama thriller This anime is kinda new it’s ongoing anime it’s season 4 part 2 will be realesed around January 2022 but still there are 3+ seasons for you too wacth right now it’s my second favourite anime because of the animation and the story it mind blowing must watch.

  • 3. Toradora
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it’s a highschool romance Slice of life anime it’s about a girl named tiaiga and a boy named ryuji ryuji is kind stud guy so on other hand taiga is really like a tiger they face problems together stay together in mid it feels like they are not even gonna be together but in the end everything becomes fine After watching this cute romantic anime I really thought that I need someone like taiga in my life I mean she is awesome cute and I can’t explain how great this anime is just watch it already.

  • 4. Domestic girlfriend
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Domestic girlfriend

It’s a romance Slice of life animeIf you are a perve I know you are if even you are not then still you need too wacth this anime there is a girl named hina tachibana she is a teacher and there is a student named natsuno fuji he likes his teacher and one day they go on a trip and then a girl asks him to have sex with him then do anime sex blah blah and then his father tells him that he has a meeting with a women for his marriage then she comes with her 2 kids one is the girl he had sex with and one is his teacher watch the anime to see what happens next it’s a really good one and also they have anime girls good anime girls yk.

  • 5. Naruto
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It’s a long really really long shonen anime belive it I am watching it now and it’s still not finished it’s a anime about a boy named Naruto everyone is scared of him and everyone hates him cause he has a 9 tailed fox spirit inside him and he wants too be hokage now wacth the anime too see what happens.

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